Hanbul wants to be with you.

Anyone need help.

We are recruiting caregivers.

We elect students who are good at Korean from our university.
They are trained as caregivers.You have to pay for caregiver education to the university.
The training period for caregivers is 1 to 2 months.They can work in hospitals in Korea.The following is an article to inform a person who works as a caregiver at a Korean hospital.

1. You must complete the caregiver training.

2. Your personality should be gentle.

3. You shouldn't look fat and rough.

4. You should listen to and understand Korean well.

5. Women manage female patients. Women can manage male patients.But men only take care of male patients.

6. Their salary is $3,200 a month. There's a separate tip.Tips are provided by the patient's guardian. The tip is approximately 1000 dollars.
Tips are provided when taking good care of the patient. 
The tip is not a fixed amount.

7. Caregivers are a little uncomfortable sleeping (small beds are provided). Caregivers eat Korean food provided by hospitals.

8. Their working period is determined by our company.

If you work in Korea, you should be good at Korean. 
If you can't speak Korean, you can't work in Korea.

- Thank you always be happy -