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Education is the basis for individual development and consists of individual ethics, social ethics, and national ethics. 
Education is the pillar of the nation and enhances the dignity of the nation and makes the nation prosperous.
Passionate study of many students brightens the future of the country.
As there must be today, there will be tomorrow, students from poor countries, study hard. 
You who are educated will become the protagonists who lead from poor countries to economic powerhouses.
You are a patriot who studies hard.

Thank you very much for visiting our Korean-HANBUL Ministry of Education.
Let me briefly introduce our Ministry of Education.
Our education department is running agriculture departments in three universities in Korea.
We teach scientific Korean agricultural technology to students from poor countries.
Students who learned agricultural technology in Korea return to their home countries and create national interest through scientific agriculture.
Agriculture has been said to be the backbone of the economy since ancient times.
What does our Ministry of Education offer students?
We offer you the opportunity to work 365 days a year to pay for your tuition.
We provide accommodation for you.
With a stable income, you can send a lot of money home.
We teach you education to do policy in Korea.

Students, please read the notice carefully.
Inform students.
At that time, students with the following qualifications

-You learned Korean in your country.
- You must complete Korean etiquette training.
- You are not an illegal immigrant.
- You guys are the ones who paid for college tuition.
1. You will visit Korea as a student.
2. You study Korean at a university in Korea.
I study agriculture and animal husbandry.
3. Follow school rules.
4. Our Ministry of Education offers you a farm job in Hwasa.
College tuition is paid in advance.
5. You earn over $2,000 a month. (income is low during the winter season may also be).
The working hours per day are 8 hours. Overtime is your choice.
6. Our company provides a dormitory for two people.
All meals are provided.
7. You must not leave the training site and do illegal work.
All of you are mutual guarantors.
8. If even one illegal alien leaves the place of work and university education, all of you will be deported to your country. Korean language schools in that country will be closed.
They will also lose their wages.
9. You can invite your family to Korea. You can take a vacation and go home.
10. As mutually assured, we deposit 3 months of your salary in the bank designated by us.
Students, do not allow impure people to come to Korea and be careful not to harm you.
If even one student gives up their studies and becomes an illegal resident, they will not be paid and will be deported at the same time.
Affiliation: Korean-HANBUL Ministry of Education.
Occupation: Executive Director, Education Division.

Name: Jaedong Lee.
i'm always with you
If you have any questions, please call the number below. 010-3338-9736(KR)

Making one by one.

Small changes change the future.

We can do it.

We will protect you.

Come here.

This is HANBUL.